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Which is art field do you belong to? Dance, vocal, instrumental or may be drawing , painting, photography, theater, applied arts or other?

We have created this virtual platform for all of you, to unite all forms of art in a single portal, to present you to the global public and help you gain visibility, find new contacts and collaborations, make new acquaintances and friendships and connect with each other artists and countries around the world that may never have a chance to be seen. Our biggest goal is to be able to contribute that today’s young people can be noticed and help them promote their talent.

What about cultural organizations, art school or groups? Here you will find possible partners for cultural exchanges, international projects or to show your local structure’s activities globally and respectively have the opportunity to receive greater visibility.

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Nowadays the virtual world has a considerable power to influence opinions but also to bring distant worlds closer. Let’s use it in our favor, let’s use it to be creative and useful to others, let’s use it to bring light even in the darkest places in the world! With the power of art!

sopravista international festivals & contests

Future Stars Grow up

Talents without borders

Each international talent contest aims to discover and encourage young talents through an accurate assessment of their skills. But we make sure that our participants’ art goes beyond the borders of their countries and have  opportunity for realization abroad

Post contest support

Are you interested in studying abroad or looking for a cultural exchange project? Our affiliates receive all our support – we will do the best search for you thanks to our partner network in more than 75 countries around the world

Believe in your future

With “Prometheus” all participants in festivals and contests organized by “Sopravista International Festivals” receive their personal dedicated space with presentation of their activity and video performance

Prometheus Featured Artists




This is the story of an young art craft artist from Kazakhstan who makes souvenir  from a cow’s horn. What is the technique of work? Take  dried horns of cattle and clean thoroughly, remove the excess. Then he connects the two horns with glue. He prepares fins from the other horn and connect everyone. And you get a great souvenir! But it’s not all,  Shaikh-Islam  works with a variety of materials – wood, horns, bones, metal, leather and even ceramics. The most important his participation was in EXPO 2017 as a craftsman.

Here you can find more works of this artist:

Art School “Colorfull Sensasion” 


Head of school is Mrs Narmina Veliyeva, artist and winner in numerous international exhibitions. Realization of personal exhibitions in USA, Italy, Luxembourg, Germany, France, Australia, Bulgaria, Poland ect.


Here you can admire talented children of the school


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