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AYODYA PALA Tanah Baru is a branch of the AYODYA PALA dance studio. Tanah Baru branch has been established in Depok since 2009. While AYODYA PALA was founded in 1980 and became a Foundation on April 24, 1981, we are very consistent in preserving Indonesian Traditional Cultural Arts in particular Dance, Music, and Vocals.
The name AYODYA PALA comes from the word AYODYA which comes from the Ramayana, which is a country / kingdom where Rama was born. The kingdom was prosperous, safe, peaceful and the people were cultured. Meanwhile, the word PALA comes from the Palapa oath uttered by Maha Patih Gajah Mada, who came from the Majapahit kingdom, which essentially unites the whole Indonesia.
The concept of art education and training carried out at Ayodya Pala turns out to be in demand and accepted by the wider community, this is indicated by the establishment of 38 active Ayodya pala branches with 2,500 students consisting of children aged 3 years to adulthood and the BIPA FIB Program of the University of Indonesia. and several schools have become our partners through extracurricular activities.
Contact –  Ayodya Pala Tanah Baru 
Whatsapp  (+62)383864389
Instagram  @Ayodyapala_tanahbaru
Tanah Baru Raya Street RT01/RW07 No.38 , Beji Tanah Baru (MASTER GYM Depok), Depok City, West Java, Indonesia 
Contact – Ayodya Pala Center 
+62 7760159, +62 399160062
Instagram @Ayodyapala
Ruko Mall Depok Blok A no.9 Jl.Margonda Raya Kav.88 Depok City, West Java, Indonesia