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Born in Athens(Greece) in 2001 and actually lives in the city of Fier,Albania. He started to take the first piano lectures at the age of 6 years old. Until 17 years old he have been engaged in musical and cultural activities organized in his city by different institutions. At 17 became part of the Albanian talent show-Top Talent 2  organised by Top Channel, one of the biggest Albanian national televisions and became part of the top 7 best competitors of this edition.

Afterwards, he organized a big event in his city – a recital concert called “The other side of me”.It was in collaboration with Spiro Duni(a well-known Albanian producer),Marjana Xoxa(teacher) and the staff of TV Klan Albanian national television).It proved to be a big success, with the attendance of Fieri’s theatre reaching to 600-700 people. The show became part of the routine programme of RTSH (the first Albanian national television) and a summary of 30 minutes is transmitted on a regular basis. Winner in several contests, including: Best Talent in Fier (organized by Pandi & Bled Laco,well-known producers,and the municipality of Fier),and international online contests in Poland and Italy. He never been part of any musical school and done everything through his own work , studying with his teacher Marjana Xoxa. Currently, he is studying for finance in the “EPOKA” University.


WhatsApp number: +355693260754

Call number: +355699503496

Instagram: fatjonpula

Facebook: Arjan Pula