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Anabelle was born in 2013, she lives in a small city in Indonesia. She loves singing since her very young age and always wants to go into a competition. She got to her very first competition at the age of four and she lost it. Since then, she has been highly motivated and, as she grew up, she has been starting to earn trophies, including two internationals and sixteen locals and or nationals. The best things in her competitions are when she won Sopravista International Online Festival-Contest and WCOPA Gold Medal. Besides singing, she likes to draw, and make stories. For outside activity she likes to swim, horse riding, and going out for a walk with her cute, naughty and quite noisy puppies. She has deep passion in animals and her favorite wild animal is the leopard, who she describes as graceful. Her favorite domesticated animals are horses and dog. Her favorite mythical creature is the unicorn.

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