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Justyna Maślanka – born on 2 July 2004 in Radom. She learns in Zespół Szkół Muzycznych im. Oskara Kolberga w Radomiu and now she is in 4th class in second stage. She began learning piano at the age of five. Her teacher is prof. Karol Radziwonowicz. She performed at many important ceremonies. She is a laureate of numerous national competitions and international festivals. Her most important achievements include, among others Grand Prix on Music Competition “Samocvity – Online” Lviv (Ukraine), Gold Star on Music & Stars Awards The world shining talent, 1 place on King’s Peak Music Competition California (USA), 1 degree on Music competition Sopravista “Future Stars” Riccione (Italy) or 2nd place at the International Slavic Music Festival in Ostrava, Czech Republic. Music is an important part of heir life. 


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phone number – 507078998