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Mary Musinyan was born in Armenia in 2006. Since 2012 she has been studying at the Alexander Spendiaryan Music School, in the class of Honored Pedagogue of the Republic of Armenia, Professor Tsovinar Hovhannisyan. Since 2014, Mary has been a member of the New Names program in Armenia, headed by Silva Mekinyan. In this area, she gave concerts in the United States (2013, 2014), Spain (2014), Sweden (2015), France (2015, 2016), Malta (2015), Austria (2016), Moscow (2016), China, Japan, Korea, and Lebanon. Mary won the Grand Prix at the Krasnoyarsk competition in 2016, in the Dolphic Games – 1st place. Mary also participated in the Maqsim  program. Galkin is “Best of all.” In 2017, she went to Miami for the famous Don Francisco show Siempre Ninos. In 2017, in Moscow, she participated in the festival of “melodics of dirty things” with the Russian Presidential Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Yevgeni Nikitin. In 2017, there were days of Armenian culture in Japan and China. In 2018, Mary participated in the “Moscow Meets Friends” of the 15th International Festival, with a chamber orchestra, conducted by Vladimir Spivakov. In 2018, with the ensemble “Nur” headed by Professor Tsovinar Hovhannisyan went to Washington to participate in the Smithsonian folklife festival, and in 2019 to Los Angeles to participate in the festival “Innovate Armenia.”