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Oliver is born in 2008, lives in Transilvania, the county of Sibiu and has a twin brother called Nathan, who’s passionate in drawing. Oliver has started to sing from the age of 4, watching opera videos on youtube and repeating them lots of times till perfections. He s been learning himself about life and careers of many tenors and sopranos of the world. When he was 8 years old his parents have decided to help fulfill his dream and found 2 mentors, one in Sibiu(Olivia Scrobote) and one in Opera of Brasov (Liviu Iftene) both to help him protect and use his voice correctly. With lots of passion for classical music, Oliver  at the age of 10 starts to participate to lots of national contests and also charity programs. On December 2019 he gets invited to Bucharest to sing in the opening of the Vienna Schunbrunn Orchestra Christmas concert for 2 nights. On the second evening he has been asked to perform with the orchestra in front of 3000 people. Two months later Oliver was invited to Wiener Sangenknaben where  had a test and got invited with a bursery ,to join the school and participate in concerts with the Vienna boys choir.
Lavinia Frankel – 0040752951660