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The band RKS was formed in 2019, in Marosvásárhely, Romania. It first started as a one-time-band for the talent show Peron Music. Since then, they tried themselves out in the field of jazz and participated in different eveniments. Their first music video appeared in August, 2020 for the song “Lehet”. This was followed by “Félek” in the beginning of 2021. The band consists of five members: Hints Botond – drums, Veress Gergő-Etele – bass, Feketics Mónika – piano and vocal, Máté Magdolna-Krisztina – guitar, Gólya Kriszta- vocal. All of the members were students of “Marosvásárhelyi Rocksuli” (School of Rock), from where their name and the idea to form the band came from