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The Eleven Harmony is a traditional betawi music band that consists of 10 students from SMPN 11 Jakarta.

Their activities are part of an extracurricular program from the school.

In this pandemic situation, they’re given the spirit for practicing and creating art. The students consists of:
1. Darian Elan Alfarius
2. Tatu Shafiyyah Masayu H
3. Asky Putri Anastasya
4. Aisyah Ifthariani
5. Ardhiva Satria
6. Aurora Flora Ellenora
7. Shalman Abrar
8. Rasyah Hakim
Akbaruddin Ali
9. Akmal Razak Nugraha
10. Nadra Qisthi Syakila W

The activities are done online and offline instructed by their culture and arts teacher Ms. Ainul Wardah and their instructor Mr. Komarudin Wahyu Nata.

This activities also gains interest and support from chief of service area 2 south Jakarta that gave them suggestions and feedback to the point the collaboration of musical instruments became more unique and variety.

With their success of reaching gold medal on Sopravista Olympic Art Games they hope the music culture of Gambang Kromong originally from Jakarta can be recognized all over the world and would play a role in preserving the culture of Indonesia.