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The online contest is part of newest art project of “Sopravista International Festivals ” called International Art Community “Prometheus” created with aim of uniting all forms of art on a unique virtual platform with portfolio of individual artists, groups or cultural organizations and schools, their work and activities as well as contacts for cooperation. We believe that such promotion can help for cultural exchange between artists, organizations and schools. The final risults in each nomination and age category will be defined by international jury of specialists from 8 countries. By sending  link of your video / photo, the participant  automatically confirms his consent to the use of the material by third parties (organizers, jury members), as well as to post the competition work on the organizer’s website. The winners will be announced on 15th February and will be published on the website of the organizer as well as on the official Sopravista’s page on FB 


till 6 years old

7 – 8

9 – 10

11 – 12
13 – 14
15 – 16
17 – 19
20 – 23
24- 27
28 – 31
32 – 35
36 – 45
46 – 59
over 60




1) classical ballet;

2) modern choreography (jazz, modern, neoclassic, etc.)

3) folk choreography, folk-stylized dance, ethnic dances;

4) pop dance.

5) ballroom dancing

6) sports dances (hip-hop, disco, techno, break dance, ect)

7) social dances


1) academic vocals

2) pop vocals

3) folk vocals

4) jazz vocals

5) rock and rap

6) musical


1) string instruments

2) folk instruments

3) wind instruments

4) electronic musical instruments

5) keyboard instruments

6) bow instruments

7) percussion instruments


1) fashion theater

2) students of art schools, painting

3) photo and video creativity

4) circus, clowning, acrobatics, original plastic, juggling, gymnastics

5) art craft

6) acting / theater


20  euro/ pers. – soloists

15 euro/pers. – duet, trio

60 euro/group

Participation with 1 performance or work

Participants receive Diploma by e-mail

Group receives group’s Diploma by e-mail

Certificates and thank-you letters to teachers and institutions by e-mail

Opportunity to win discount vouchers and invitation for future contests in Italy

No delivery by post


30  euro/ pers. – soloists

20 euro/pers. – duet, trio

100 euro/group

Participation with 1 or 2 performances or works

Participants receive Diploma by e-mail + personal Diploma for every participant in group

On request can receive medals for soloists/duet/trio and cup for group

Certificates and thank-you letters to teachers and institutions by e-mail

Opportunity to win discount vouchers and invitation for future contests in Italy

Additional cost for delivery by post


60  euro/ pers. – soloists

30 euro/pers. – duet, trio, groups up to 6 people

25 euro/pers. – more than 7 people

20 euro/pers. – from 10 people

Participation with 1 or 2 performances or works

Participants receive Diploma by post + personal Diploma for every participant in group

Shipping cost to your country included

All participants receive medal and cup

Opportunity to win discount vouchers and invitation for future contests in Italy

Publication of your video/work for 1 year on International Art Platform “Prometheus” and FB/Instagram

What can you win?


Only in “Prometheus” International Contest all participants who applied for III° variant receive Cup, medal and Diploma by post, shipping cost included.

By participating in every contest organized by “Sopravista” you can win discounts for our future festivals in Italy with a validity of 3 years, so if you want to visit Italy this is your opportunity to receive also a discount for hotel accommodation or for participation in our festivals on Lake Garda / Verona /, Jesolo / Venice /, Montecatini / Florence /, San Marino and Riccione / Rimini /. Of course, you have the possibility to have your Diplomas, medals and cups by post to your country.



Frequently Asked Questions

Can I participate in 2 different nominations?

Yes, you can join the contest with performances in 2 different nominations. For example: if you’re a singer and choose II° Variant you can participate with 2 different genres of songs. Or if you have also dance talent you can participate with 1 song and 1 dance.

Is there limit for number of participants in group?

Not, there is no any limit for number of components in a group.

What are requirements for registration of video?

To register your video you need a camera or simply your smartphone. Make sure to use the highest resolution of your recorder and shoot horizontally with a tripod. Group performances must be filmed in a general shot. Before sending the file, check for audio and video defects. We accept amateur and professional videos made no more than 1 year ago. It is allowed to use videos filmed during other competitions and concerts.


Can I receive medal and Diploma by post?

Yes, of course. If you choose Variant II° or III° you also can receive medal by post.

How much should I pay for delivery by post?

The cost is different according to destination and weight. For example cost for a soloist shipment of medal and diploma can vary from 12 to 17 euros. Price for group’s package goes from 30 till 60 euro depending on the weight, the quantity of medals and cups required. We always use registered mail for shipment, so our participants receive tracking code and url link for following the package. 

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